Mike Hynson, Skip Fyre and a local from Oahu

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This blog post we thought we would share with you an extract from the book G&S: One Long Ride. This extract sums up some of what was happening in the early to mid sixties as well as some great old photos all courtesy of Neal Norris

Mike Hyson Stretch

Mike Hynson on the Stretch Model

The business was always busy in the fall because of the good surf. It was a reward to the locals for sharing their beaches with the tourists during the summer. Larry's strong advertisements and the surf team, headed by Mike Hynson and Skip Fyre, were making a strong showing as they surfed in Southern California events for G&S. Mike and Skip also ventured into Malibu and other surfing sites where they became known and accepted by the locals. 

Skip Fyre Pacifc Beach

Skip Fyre Pacific Beach contest 1964

G&S started sending Mike Hynson and Skip Fyre to Hawaii for the Makaha International Surfing Championships. This contest was huge and drew surfers from all over the world. Once there, they ended up attending some parties on the North Shore as they tried to stretch their food budget. One time they were at a luau attended mainly by North Shore locals. In the middle of the evening, the guest were lined up by a very drunk local named Blah James. He finally shot someone in the foot with a spear gun. That opened their eyes to the realities of life on Oahu. 

NealNorris Cutback

Neal Norris on his Red Fin Model

Later that year he showed up in San Diego. He would show up early in the morning while Larry was shaping . The stories he told Larry about his life on Oahu, and his escapades with the North Shore locals, made Larry shape faster and faster. 

Skip Fyre PB Point

 Skip Fyre at P.B. Point 1965

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