The Big Three

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The BIG three. At the time this was three of surfing biggest names in the game.

Below is a photo of an old ad that highlighted the three iconic models each of these surfers were riding at the time.

The Big Three

The Skip Fyre model on the left we have actually re-imagined into our new range as the Perfecto. Slight modifications but all round close to the original shape.

The Midget Farrelly Stringerless. An iconic board and on of the first to go stringer free long before epoxy was happening. We can make this as a custom order for sure.

And last the Mike Hyson HY II. Another iconic board to add to the list of customs we can recreate. 

We loved this advertisement so much that in our 2019 range of clothing we were able to recreate a T-Shirt with this graphic on the back. Available in all Golden Breed stores now and online here. 

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