Order Forms of 1964

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Back in 1964 G&S started bringing out a bunch of innovations in the board shaping space. One of which was the glass tail blocks and nose blocks. This undoubtedly gave G&S a lot of extra attention from competition and their customers. 

Back then prices also used to be a little bit different. One of these tail blocks would cost you around $15. That's as much as a burger for lunch nowadays. Of course we have to look how the economy grows and looking back to 1964 the cost of a burger probably would have been around 15c! 

Never the less I thought today we would share with you some old order brochures from 1964 and 1965. 

First up we have 1964. There were 4 distinct shapes and 4 very retro looking fin shapes. On top of that have a look at the extras! You could pick up a T-Shirt for a quick $2! 

1964 Order Form

Jumping forward to 1965 this brochure covers a little more of the details of the boards going through the craftsmanship details, fiberglassing and the signature high quality G&S finish. You can also see the cost of a custom board. $120 WOW! How the times have changed. 

1965 Order Form

Let us know in the comments what was your first board? Was it a G&S? 

Info and Photos retrieved from Gordon and Smith Archives and the Book: One Long Ride (32, 33)

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