2020 Skateboard Range

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Here is our new limited run of G&S Skateboards. They are all a Popsicle shape this year but come in a range of sizes. 

Be on the lookout for a later release of the hand graphic on a shaped deck.

The Flow series has a clear inspiration from the ocean running up onto the beach. We made this available in three unique colour ways all representing a different feature of the ocean. Seafoam, Ocean and Beach.

The Hand Plant deck was inspired by the skate trick a hand plant. An iconic trick first done by Dave Andrechet. It was a classic move in the day so we decided to draw a hand coming out of the ground. The direction it went slightly skewed closer to a zombie vibe which is also very retro in itself. Relating back to vintage horror films where zombie hands come out of the ground.

Flow Decks

Hand Plant Decks

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