Hot Curl Hot Curl

Hot Curl



Do you want the best of both worlds?


A high performance board that you can cruise on?


Pick and choose how you surf on this board whether you want to jam a hard turn in the pocket or caress the lip with your hand as you glide past.


This board loves to be ridden in and around the curl or curve of the wave.


A great all round board that will go in all conditions and suit all types of surfing from traditional to high performance.


Nigel Perrow



9’0" - 9-6"


9’1" x 22 1/2" x 2 3/4"



A high performance outline with the wide point pushed back and a wider curvy tail coming into a diamond tail.


The high performance outline with the wider tail brings more volume under the surfers feet giving more speed without having to move forward on the board.


The wider tail and more curve in the outline lets you change direction easier.


Diamond tail gives that control of the pintail but the bite and snap of a squaretail.



A high performance curve allows the board to fit in with the curl of the wave. This lets you surf all of the wave from out on the shoulder to deep in the curl you can go anywhere cause you can fit. Slightly flatter in the nose to allow for noserides.



Thickness under your chest supports your body weight while paddling while a refined tail gives that response through turns.



A slightly more fullish performance rail means that it will not bite too much and allowing that freedom to not be locked in like a super-high performance board.


Hard edge in tail gives that extra bite off the bottom and puts that snap in your turns.



A 2+1 with a wider based 7’’ fin, or a raked 9.5’’ single fin set-up.