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Discover the art of nose-riding on this beast.

This board would have been the next step in surfboard design if there was no shortboard revolution.


The lack of concave and the addition of a slight roll under the nose gives so much more control on the tip you will amaze yourself and make your mates jealous in the process.


Nigel Perrow



9'0" - 10'0" or to custom requirements



9’8" x 23 1/4" x 3"



Based on a contemporary noserider shape we pushed the wide point a bit forward to help put the foam under your feet for nose-riding.


We also took a little bit of width out of the tail allowing for a bit of a tighter turning circle thus making that set-up for the nose-ride so much easier.


Width in the nose gives that stable platform to stand for what seems like hours, while width in the middle gives that bit of extra paddle power.



Fairly flat from nose to tip, the rolled bottom from rail to rail assists the flat rocker adding maneuverability without sacrificing trim speed.


Kick in the tail assists with nose-riding by hooking the fine rail into the face of the wave while you are on the tip allowing the braking wave to lock you in and push you down the line.



This board does not need to be too thick as the wider nose outline puts area under your chest area adding that buoyancy.



Pinched 50/50 rail cuts through the water like a hot knife though butter.


Making turns effortless and allowing maximum speed on the tip because it is streamlined and there are no hard edges anywhere that will catch.



A hand-foiled single fin glassed on to the shapers specifications. Fin Box available under custom order