Hot Dogger Hot Dogger



If you want a cutting edge performance long-board from Australia’ s premier long-board factory then go no further.


With feed back from some of the most exciting long-board surfers on the planet we designed this sleek machine with speed to burn.


You will never go round a section again when you can go up, over or straight through it.


Nigel Perrow



9’1" - 9’6"


9’1" x 22 1/4" x 2 5/8"



With a narrower nose perfectly balanced so that it will never get caught up and wide enough to still nose-ride effectively.


Narrower through the middle while still maintaining a good outline curve this lets the board flow through turns and allows that smooth transition when going from being on one rail to another.

A nice tight rounded square gives this board that little bit of freedom allowing you to tweak big turns and a little more freedom in small waves.



One of the most high performance rockers in long-boarding today.


A fair curve with out being extreme and pushing water.

You can go anywhere you want because you will fit in with the curve of the wave.



Thickness under your chest supports your body weight while paddling while a refined tail gives that response through turns.



Slender and pinched in the nose thru to a high performance rail that would not be out of place on even the most high performance short-board.


Hard edges in the tail give that bite off the bottom.



A single nose concave with a chamfered rail provides lift and makes the narrow nose seem wider that what it seems.


A complex double concave setup thru the middle right thru the tail adds that lift and control when going rail to rail down the line.



Large side fins with a 6’- 7’ inch centre.