Dane WIlson Deck Dane Wilson Rocker Dane Wilson Bottom



If you want to cross step not shuffle and coast smoothly through turns with a huge smile on your face then this is the board for you.


Dane, blessed with a bucket-load of style and a head full of surfboard history has cross-stepped his way to the nose more than most.


With input and designs from some of the worlds best shapers and using some of the worlds best long board waves as a test track. Dane puts forward this ultimate fun machine as his own model. This is a surfer’s longboard!


Nigel Perrow



9’1" up to 10'


9’2" x 23" x 3"



A pulled in pintail to give that control and strength into and out of turns and allows a tighter turning circle when pivot turning.


A slightly forward wide point gives that spurt of speed while cross stepping to and from the nose and gives an exceptionally fast trim speed.



This has a more even constant curve than most traditional nose riders allowing the board to fit in more places on the wave and provide that little more maneuverability and ease with setting up that super critical nose ride.



Slightly thicker along the stringer especially a little forward of centre supporting your weight while trimming while slightly thinner in the tail providing more response while turning and nose riding.



A lower volume knife like 50/50 rail in the nose cuts into wave face while nose riding and gives no resistance. This maintains speed, which is critical to noseriding.

The 50/50 rail through the middle of the board offers great ability to do those old school traditional turns, and a slightly tucked under hard edge on the pintail gives that bite into the wave face, giving those drop knee turns a little more snap and control.

Everything really slight and uncomplicated keeps the water flowing underneath your feet! A slight nose concave runs into a  minor rolled vee through to a slight vee in the tail.



9’ wide base or 10’ flex fin.